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Lawn Care Wexford


Lawn Care Wexford

Need a company for your Lawn Care needs? Some people love the mowing task, but others find it hard to mow the grass regularly, collect the dry leaves, or trim the over-grown hedge. The tasks can be time-consuming, especially if your lawn is large.

At landscaping Wexford, we are customer-focused and prioritize the needs of our clients. We can assist in services like:

Fertilizer Application

Your garden soil can be fertile, but you need to monitor the health of your soil with time. Land usually loses essential nutrients, and our experts can help test and provide the missing nutrients.

Mowing the Lawn

When you water your lawn regularly, the grass tends to grow at a faster rate. Mowing your yard gives it a great look. Our landscapers will clean all the grass and leave your environment neat. Try our exceptional mowing services and leave your neighbors envying your superb garden.


Leaving weed to grow in your lawn will deplete the nutrients and make your grass appear unhealthy. We uproot all the plants before the roots are healthy, leaving your lawn green.

Removing Debris and Dry Leaves

When you experience strong winds, your home appears untidy, and you have to collect all the waste and dispose of it. Our experts can help in the collection because the leaves can attract pests and ants which damage the lawn. We are well- versed with pest and disease infection, thus can provide prevention measures.

Why Choose Us?

We are available all the time, thus can manage to take care of your lawn with ease. You only need to call customer care and get help.

Our mowing machines are environment-friendly. You don’t experience a lot of noise or a smoky environment while in the course of our services.