Garden Maintenance



Garden Maintenance

For landowners who care for their gardens, getting a professional to help in maintaining it is an advantage. As Garden maintenance Wexford experts, we understand what your garden needs and plan. Garden maintenance is not about weeding but involves other tasks like weeding, foliage removal, lawn care, hedge trimming, pruning, and cleaning.

You should put an end to the daily struggle in your garden while we can perform all the tasks at an affordable cost. Enjoy our gardening services like;


Having all the experts in landscaping, we can plant anything, including plants, flowers, trees, and hedges. We understand the spacing and required root depth in all the plants. Your garden will get enough sunlight for we observe the population of the garden. Our experts will assist remove the diseased hedge and advice on the suitable choice depending on your soil properties.

Watering and maintaining the Flower bed

Our horticultural experts help in taking care of the flower beds and guiding on pest and disease control. When flowers get plenty of water, they will always blossom. We focus on making your property look attractive.

Maintaining the Drive Ways

Driveways should always be appealing to welcome you after a tiresome day. As Garden Maintenance Wexford, we help repair potholes or resurface your walkways. We assist in supplying the materials you need to use, whether bricks, gravel, resin, and design the pattern you love.


When we visit your compound, we leave your paving and the garden sparkling clean. We use power washing on your fence, walkways, and the seating areas in the garden. You can bask in the sunlight without any worry.

Your garden may look untidy after a storm with the foliage and leaves lying everywhere. We help collect all the litter and dispose of waste professionally.


Do you have overgrown trees and flowers in your yard? Our team will help with the pruning. We prune roses and overhanging limbs to create suitable shapes and shades in the compound.

Why Choose Us

As Garden Maintenance Wexford, we have dedicated workers who will effectively complete your task on schedule. You will enjoy working with our friendly team as they can answer any question regarding the project.

We always offer our services at affordable rates. You shouldn’t worry about costs anymore; our landscaping services are relatively low. We are the only landscaping company offering cheap but standard services in Wexford.

Our landscapers own the best equipment in carrying out all the tasks. You don’t need to purchase tools because we have all that is needed. we can perform your gardening task throughout the year.

Create a beautiful garden in any yard with our landscaping ideas