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Garden Design



Garden Design

Investing in a garden requires one’s inspiration, imagination, and vision for the future. Creating a garden isn’t a one day journey, and you will need professionals to walk with you to see everything a success. At landscaping Wexford, we transform your ideas and dreams into a beautiful garden landscape.

We understand the pain of investing for many years to own a garden, and our main objective is to make our clients happy. Our garden designers will integrate all the elements in the space available to come up with a unique design. We consult with our clients on every stage and inform you on the progress.

Our garden experts help in designing small gardens, commercial gardens, patio gardens, edible gardens, and wild and low maintenance gardens. For those willing to attract wildlife, we can install ponds and plant bee-friendly trees.

Our professionals will consider in all the essential factors, including paving, lawn, water features, seating areas, flower beds, and fencing. A gorgeous and ever-blossoming garden starts with proper planning. We are licensed and insured to provide services in Wexford,  Ireland.  Visit our website and book an appointment today.


Why should you hire a Garden Designer?

Do you find yourself stressing over hiring an expert in landscaping? If you knew the benefit of garden design, you would book an appointment today. Although some people may despise the idea, many landowners see the value land designers add to their property. While the whole process may be tiresome, the benefits are worth the hassle.

Garden Design

Helps in Generating Ideas

A land designer always has loads of ideas in their minds and can advise you on plans. Having many years of experience in the designing and having gone through training helps us achieve unique and impressive design. When our landscaping Wexford team visit your land, they will present you with ideas which you can then work to improve until you have what you love.

Helps in Analyzing of your Land

Every piece of land is unique in the soil structure and composition. A professional designer has the skills to analyze the soil and understand the macrocosm, which dictates the appropriate planning. The analysis will help us understand the types of plants to grow and assist in addressing any ecosystem challenge.

Drawing a Plan

We may have pretty ideas on the gardens we desire to have, but the applicability and sustainability of the design can pose a challenge. With the knowledge of your land, our experts can advise on the best design for your property. Landscaping Wexford helps create a plan which is suitable and allows future improvement.

Creating a Budget

Knowing the cost of your garden is essential because you can plan. Our Landscapers provide a well-written budget on the materials and the pricing. You can peacefully decide whether to carry out the project at once or in phases. You don’t need to operate under pressure, understand your financial stability.

Garden Design

Why Choose Us?

Our professional landscaping designers are certified and insured to operate in Wexford and Ireland at large. We take pride in providing quality services to our customers.

We have many years in the landscaping industry and understand what can work best on your land. We can design different types of gardens with ease. If you have a project bubbling in your mind, try contacting us for an actionable plan.


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