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Nothing is as enjoyable and relaxing as coming home after a tiresome day at work to a beautiful and well-maintained environment. To achieve this, you only need to invest in a garden and transform your compound to a paradise with trees, flower beds, clean pathways, and fresh scent every time.

Sometimes, you feel like being alone in a quiet environment; a garden will give you the perfect place to relax and meditate in that splendor of nature! All you need is professionals who will guide you to success. Landscaping Wexford is your best choice. We offer comprehensive landscaping services: from garden design, garden maintenance, tree surgeon, grass cutting, lawn care, and paving services.


At landscaping Wexford, we take care of all clients despite their financial status. We take pride in working personally with our customers in drawing a design and creating a garden that suits their budget. Worry no more, just contact us for an enclosure that fits your lifestyle and one that requires low maintenance.

Our team is highly-skilled with the right qualifications and  have workers’ compensation insurance for the services we offer. Plus, our employees are friendly and cooperative. You need professionals to walk with you from landscaping to maintaining your garden. Therefore, if you live in Wexford or Ireland and are in need of our services in the various categories, give us a call and we will consult with you to make your project successful.

Gardening Services We Offer

Block Paving

Paving Contractors

Although the pavement is the most used part of a home, people tend to ignore it until they see cracks or stains. You should ensure your driveways are stunning clean, and appealing all the time. At our Wexford facility, we provide paving contractors to help in lifting, laying, updating, and re-grouting your pathways.

 Our experts have the skills and knowledge to use brick, natural stone, scanner slate, precast concrete, sandstone, and travertine with ease. We will create any pattern and mix the colors you need in your courtyard. You don’t need to strain to source for materials; we will supply all the materials you need to your doorstep.

Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting Wexford

Many garden owners may think it’s a simple task cutting the grass but it can be overwhelming with the many appointments within the week. At grass cutting Wexford, we ensure that your lawn is well- cut throughout the year.

After the cutting activity, we make sure your pathways are clean by clearing all the grass trimmings. We understand each client has different opinions; thus, we follow instructions on whether to dispose of the grass or mulch it. Grass cutting Wexford provides services to both residential and commercial areas. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call our customer care.

Garden Design

Lawn Care Wexford

Keeping a healthy and ever-green lawn doesn’t need you to buy tools and get training, Lawn care Wexford is always ready to help. If you notice your garden suffers from nutrient-deficiency, weeds or looks unhealthy, reach out to our experts for a top-notch solution.

Instead of guessing on what the problem with your lawn is, enjoy our services like weeding, fertilizer application, and pest control. Working with us will ensure your garden looks healthy and attractive.

Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgeon

No one would feel comfortable and secure living in a bushy environment, especially in a new house. With many years of experience, our surgeons have the highest standards and will complete the task in time.

We help clear up bushes, overgrown tree branches, plants, and removing unwanted tree stumps in the field. Also, we help dispose of all the waste immediately and professionally. Do you live in Wexford or the surroundings and plan on clearing your land for garden extension or new project? Feel free to contact us for ideas.

Why Choose Us?

We make the best choice in the market in landscaping because our team is highly-skilled and well disciplined, maintaining an ethical code of conduct in our service. Our staff makes us proud in Wexford and Ireland for keeping a good record in the provision of standard and quality services which include grass cutting, garden design, lawn care, garden maintenance, paving contractors, and tree surgeons. We guarantee our esteemed clients of maintaining our standards or even improving in the field.

At Landscaping Wexford, we love nature, and our professionals ensure all the services they render are eco-friendly. Your children can play in your garden without worry as our products are safe for your health.

Enjoy our timely response any time you give us a call. Our customer service works round the clock to ensure we give you the best. Do give us a call today and let us share ideas with you.

We are here to help you!

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